Medical Marijuana - Tell the Senate Health Committee To Vote Yes on the Compassionate Care Act


New York's Medical Marijuana bill, The Compassionate Care Act, WILL come to a vote by the end of next week.

Editors note: This action alert is from 2014 and no longer active

Now we need to apply the pressure to the WHOLE Senate Health Committee. The sick and dying patients of New York need YOU ! Call ALL of the comm. members and ask them to support medical marijuana. It's easy. All you do is call the number and leave a message with the staff member who answers the phone. This is your chance to participate in Democracy.

Below you will find a list and a simple script you can read off while calling. Share this far and wide! The time for action is now or never! We've never been closer to passing medical marijuana! We need every single call we can get! It will only take 20 minutes to call each of the 17 senators on this list. Call them daily, they need to know this issue matters.

---------------------------- "Hello. My name is (Your name) and I live at (Your Address). I'm calling to urge the senator to support medical marijuana and vote yes on the Compassionate Care Act when it comes to a vote in committee and on the floor. Not another day should pass that a patient has to suffer because of this. Thank you. Hope you have a nice day!"


 Senate Health Comm. Members.

Senator Party Email Phone Region
Chair: Kemp Hannon R 518-455-2200 Garden City
Greg Ball R (518) 455-3111 Patterson
Hugh Farley R (518) 885-1829 Schenectady
Martin J. Golden R (518) 455-2730 Brooklyn
William J. Larkin, Jr.. R (518) 455-2770 Cornwall-on-Hudson
Jack Martins R (518)-455-3265 Nassua County
James L. Seward R (518) 455-3131 Oneonta
Cathy Young R (518) 455-3563 Olena
Velmanette Montgomery D (518) 455-3451 Boerum Hill
Ted O'Brien D (585) 218-0034 Rochester
Jose R. Peralta D (518) 455-2529 East Elmhurst
Gustavo Richa D (718)-933-2034 Bronx
Diane J. Savino IDC (518) 455-2437 Brooklyn, Staten Island
Jose M. Serrano D (518) 455-2795 East Harlem
Simcha Felder D (518) 455-2754 Brooklyn
Ruth Hassell-Thompson D (518) 455-2061 Bronx
Brad Hoylman D (518) 455-2451 Manhattan

For more information on how to get involved in supporting medical marijuana come to a NORML Meeting