Assemblyman Katz; Against medical pot, then caught with pot.

Assemblyman katzAssemblyman Katz as shown here during his early days as a field scientist and researcher with the World Wildlife fund Early Thursday Morning, on the New York State Thruway, Republican Assemblyman Stephen M. Katz was arrested and Given a DAT(Desk Appearance Ticket). Issuance of a DAT involves a full custodial arrest, handcuffs and a trip to the police station in a squad car, van or wagon. He was brought up on charges for doing 80MPH in a 65MPH zone and...wait for it...Unlawful Possession of Marijuana(§221.05). Interesting...A Legislator being charged with Marijuana possession must've voted for pro-marijuana legislation in the past, right? Nope, Assemblyman Katz has actually voted against medical marijuana in the past.

This is the sort of hypocritical politics that has to be done with before we can pass meaningful Medical and Tax&Regulate legislation in NY. You would be hard pressed to find a individual that smokes Marijuana who doesn't think it should be, at the very least, removed as a schedule I or II drug or has that it has medicinal benefits, and Assemblyman Katz is no different sense he obviously partakes for his own reasons.

I'm not going to speculate his reasons for voting against Medicinal Marijuana  previously, but I hope they will change this time around. And who knows, maybe Assemblyman Katz will be a surprise crusader for strengthening NY's Decriminalization statutes. But until then this is just another story of a misguided politician thinking he was better then the sick patients that seek relief through marijuana because he smokes pot and didn't get caught, until now.

Don't forget,  call Assembly Katz's office, 845-628-3781, and leave a message reminding him the importance of supporting Gov Cuomo's Marijuana Decrim efforts in light of his (most)recent run in with the police.

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