NORML Long Island Speaks at Hofstra Presidential Debate

Tomorrow, October 16th, the Major Party Presidential Candidates are coming to Hofstra University in Hempstead for their second debate of this election cycle, and NORML Long Island will be there. Both our Executive Director, Troy Smit and Legislative Director, David Adams will be speaking to the crowd in the public area outside the debate.

Their speeches will focus on the negative consequences of federal marijuana law on state’s efforts to reform public policy towards industrial hemp and medical marijuana, and the need for reform at the federal level. The major party candidates have avoided discussing marijuana policy, with Governor Romney claiming he does not even know what industrial hemp is, and President Obama breaking a previous campaign promise to not waste federal funds by interfering with state regulated medical marijuana distribution.

We will be there from 4:00pm to the end of the night, with Troy speaking at 7:00pm and David speaking at 8:20pm.

Come join us at Hofstra tomorrow, and together we can make it clear to the major party candidates that marijuana policy is not to be ignored!