Compassionate Care Act advances in NY Senate! What's next?


Compassionate Care Act advances in NY Senate!

Editors note: This action alert is from 2014 and no longer active The Compassionate Care Act passed the Senate Health Committee this week by a 9-8 vote with Republican Senator William Larkin casting the deciding vote. Now Medical Marijuana passed through the Health Committee for the first time sense 2009 it is now on to the Senate Finance Committee.

The Senate Finance Committee is made up for 37 seats including 20 republicans and 17 democrats. We need at minimum 19 votes to pass this bill. The people of New York NEED to put more pressure on the Senate Finance Committee to make sure we have enough vote to pass it through.

The Senate Finance Committee Chair, Senator DeFrancisco, said is a statement on Friday that he is relinquishing himself from responsibility of having to call the bill to a vote, instead he is leaving it up to Senate Leadership "If the two leaders want it on the agenda, it will go on the agenda." One of the two, Senator Klein, is a co-sponsor of the Compassionate Care Act, so he would want it to come to a vote naturally. One can only assume because of that what Senator DeFrancisco really meant was if the Republican half of the Senate leadership, Senator Skelos, wants it to be on the agenda, it will be on the agenda. 

The Compassionate Care Act NEEDS to get on the agenda, NOW!  We have until June 19th to pass this through the Senate Finance Committee, The Senate Rules Committee, The Senate Floor and then the governor can sign it into law.

If you're asking yourself what you can do to help pass the Compassionate Care Act, ask no further and read below.

Step 1:

Call Senator Skelos' office  (518) 455-3171 and read off this simple script


Hi, my name is (Your Name), My zip code is (Zip code) and I would like to ask Senator Skelos to support the Compassionate Care Act and ask Senator DeFrancisco to bring it to a vote in the Finance Committee. Thanks, Have a nice day!


Step 2:

Call the Senate Finance Committee members office's(see list below), asking each and every one of them to support the compassionate care act.


Hi, my name is (Your Name), My zip code is (Zip code) and I want to urge the Senator to support medical marijuana and to vote for the Compassionate Care Act. Thank you and have a nice day!


Senator Party Phone Email
Chair: John A. DeFrancisco R (518)-455-3511
Hugh T. Farley R (518)-885-1829
John J. Flanagan R (518)-455-2071
Martin J. Golden R (518)-455-2730
Joseph A. Griffo R (518)-455-3334
Kemp Hannon R (518)-455-2200
Andrew J Lanza R (518)-455-3215
Kenneth P. LaValle R (518)-455-3121
Betty Little R (518)-455-2811
Carl L Marcellino R (518)-455-2390
Jack M. Martins R (518)-455-3265
Michael F. Nozzolio R (518)-455-2366
Thomas F. O'Mara R (518)-455-2091
Michael H. Ranzenhofer R (518)-455-3161
James L. Seward R (518)-455-3131
Catharine Young R (518)-455-3563
Mark Grisanti R (518)-455-3240
Ruben Diaz D (518)-455-2511
Daniel L. Squadron D (518)-455-2625
Toby Ann Stavisky D (518)-455-3461
Neil D. Breslin D (518)-455-2225
Timothy M. Kennedy D (518)-455-2426
David J. Valesky D (518)-455-2838
Adriano Espaillat D (518)-455-2041
Kevin S. Parker D (518)-455-2580
Bill Perkins D (518)-455-2441
Martin Malavé Dilan D (518)-455-2177
Michael Gianaris D (518)-455-3486
Ruth Hassell-Thompson D (518)-455-2061
Velmanette Montgomery D (518)-455-3451
Gustavo Rivera D (518)-455-3395
Jose Peralta D (518)-455-2529
John J. Bonacic R (518)-455-3181
Liz Krueger D (518)-455-2297
William J. Larkin Jr. R (518)-455-2770
Joseph E. Robach R (518)-455-2909
Diane J. Savino D (518)-455-2437

If you're unable to or don't want to make phone call's you can goto our action alerts on and email your senator with a pre-written email! Compassionate Care Act